changing a life, one coffee at a time.


Owner: Ashley Horner (local)

After the only coffee shop on Shore Drive closed in 2015, Ashley saw a need for a new coffee shop in the community, and she knew that coffee shops were a place that could bring people together through all seasons of life. Ashley wanted her shop to be different than other coffee shops in Hampton Roads, so she had the idea of combining coffee and whiskey together, to create the most unique community destination in Virginia Beach.  

The original American Brew began the construction process October 2015 into Spring of 2016,  with some renovations inside a small rental space down Shore Drive. American Brew finally opened its doors on April 25, 2016. The bar and tables were hand-crafted out of refurbished wood by a United States veteran, who in the same year American Brew opened up, unfortunately took his own life after suffering from PTSD.

When American Brew first opened, we thought we’d only carry local whiskies, but after learning almost immediately that the world had so many other whiskies to offer, and customers were interested in whiskies from all around the world, we expanded our selection.  Ashley also realized very quickly that the small space was limiting her ability to grow, and she wanted to be able to provide more to the community around Shore Drive. She took the next logical step, and began looking for a larger space that would allow American Brew to spread its wings.  

In 2017, Ashley decided to take a risk and buy the old, run-down building located at 3584 E Stratford, Virginia Beach. Many people warned against this after an ongoing track record of businesses failing at this location, but Ashley had faith in American Brew. The current American Brew on E Stratford began its construction Spring 2017.

The doors to the NEW American Brew on September 2nd, where the community celebrated it’s new space with a RE-Grand opening party.  Since, it has became a local favorite offering a variety of coffee drinks, speciality food items and more! American Brew has became one of the hottest spots to be at along shore drive and has attracted attention from all over.  

A place to work, a place to relax, a place to chat - the Brew is your place.  We opened our doors in 2016 with owner and fitness celebrity, Ashley Horner, at the helm.  We source locally roasted coffee and our food is carefully prepared in-house to the highest standards.  Contact us for franchise opportunities, to host your next meeting or to just say hi! Learn more about Ashley and her various endeavors at www.ashleyhorner.co